Friday Five 

1. Snow Day ❄️

To make this Friday even better than normal – today we had a snow day! There’s nothing like a snow day and it’s even more appreciated when it comes at the end of the first week back to school after break! Woohoo! 

We woke up to about an inch of snow today and very cold temperatures. 

We live in a culdesac and have a ton of kids in our little area. We also live at the top of a great sledding hill. This morning all the kids (and parents) were out sledding and enjoying the snow. There were kids and puppies running around everywhere and Avery had such a blast. 

2. Daily Walk

I mentioned yesterday that I started a virtual Bible study and my Bible arrived via Amazon today! I started my first devotional today and i love it already! The Daily Walk Bible is dated for each day of the year and it goes through the entire Bible in one year. It breaks it down day by day and includes references, devotions and meditations. It’s a New Living Translation so it reads like a book which makes it much easier to follow. I went through my first devotional twice today because I enjoyed it so much. I decided I would keep notes as I went since taking notes always helps me remember things better. 

3. Tree 

Our Christmas tree storage bag also arrived today via Amazon so our tree is officially coming down tonight. I’m trying to think of somethings to change up that corner of our living room because I didn’t love the way it looked before Christmas so I’m sure it’s going to feel extra empty now that our tree will be gone. 

4. Rash 

Avery has had a beyond terrible diaper rash this week. I don’t really understand what started the huge outbreak but by Wednesday night I was desperate! Someone suggested a baking soda bath and cortisone cream instead of diaper rash and it really seemed to make a huge difference!! We did a baking soda bath two nights in a row and a few hours of naked time last night and it looks like it is almost gone today! 

5. Cookies 

Last week while I was grocery shopping with Avery (something I rarely do these days) she picked out a box of Hello Kitty cookies. Every time she would go into the pantry she would point and say; kitty cookie! So we finally got around to making them this week. Avery loves helping me cook and it isn’t often I have something so kid friendly to make so I let her help me with the whole thing! She had a blast! The kit was super easy to make and Avery was able to help with almost all of it. So fun! 

Overall it was a great week over here and I’m ready for a lazy weekend!! 

Happy Friday folks! 


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